Team Performance

Highly effective teams will perform and innovate. A dysfunctional team will stagnate and cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars with missed deadlines, poor work quality and by making critical mistakes. Teams are a complicated matter interplaying both individual strengths and weaknesses with interpersonal dynamics. Dr. Shuman utilizes her industry experience leading teams, clinical experience studying and intervening with teams and her consulting methodology in development of your customized solution for your organization. Whether you are looking to enhance an already high performing team or to intervene with a dysfunctional team dynamic, we will provide the proper combination of assessment, facilitated dialogue, coaching and training.

Conflict Resolution: Boards and Executive Teams

Misaligned boards and executives teams reap havoc on an organization's execution of strategy and bottom line results.  Dr. Shuman utilizes her skills from clinical psychology to deal with the most difficult personalities and complicated interpersonal dynamics.  She has spent a career studying team alignment including focusing her doctoral studies on technology work teams. She is also certified in mediation from Harvard University. 


There are many different reasons to hire a coach from on-boarding, to enhancing high performers, to assisting with employees that struggle to align with the organizational culture or expectations. Coaching has become common place during this day and age.  It is important to understand the goals of the coaching assignment, fit and expertise of the coach. Please read articles written by Dr. Julie Shuman to assist with your selection.

Executive Selection

We take great pride in our ability to work with companies to assist with executive and managerial hiring. We understand the enormous time and financial investment a company makes in its high level executives and the erroneous cost than can occur by making the wrong decision. You may have a short list of candidates with exceptional industry and technical expertise. However, do these candidates have interpersonal styles that align with your organizational culture? Additionally, is this key employee psychologically stable to take on responsibility in your organization? Dr Shuman employs psychological interviewing, psychological and business testing along with facilitated dialogue to aid you in an informed decision.