Dr. Julie Shuman was inspired to enter the field of executive coaching and consulting when working as a Big 4 technology consultant. While leading large scale projects for fortune 500 companies, she observed how much time and energy was wasted by interpersonal problems, undertrained managers and dysfunctional teams. She noticed both consultants and clients alike were not working together to efficiently and effectively achieve bottom line results. Dr. Shuman’s passion for improving interpersonal relationships lead her to a doctorate in psychology where she specialized in effectuating behavioral change through one on one relationships and group interventions. 

Our slogan of “Business Results from a Unique Perspective” is not just a slogan but is also the company’s mission. Dr. Shuman brings years of operations, consulting and clinical psychology experience to her coaching and consulting work. She also regularly brings other professional specialists to her engagements where appropriate. 

Emergent Management Solutions, LLC

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