Bio for Julie Shuman

Dr. Julie Shuman draws on over 24 years of practical and psychological experience, across multiple industries and sectors. She began her career in executive and accounting roles with Haywood Wakefield and IVAX Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Shuman then served as a consultant with Arthur Andersen, where she oversaw large scale technology ERP implementations for companies focused in the transportation, retail and insurance industries. Some of her clients included Tropical Shipping, Sunglass Hut, Homeowners Group, as well as other Fortune 500 clients.

She then joined PriceWaterhouse Coopers as a senior consultant and specialized in leading major software implementations covering enterprise management, asset management and corporate financial management systems. While with PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Dr. Shuman’s clients included, Pimco and CSK Auto along with other international financial service and consumer product organizations. She also provided independent consulting for firms such as Excite@Home, and other San Francisco Bay Area technology firms.

Dr. Shuman then pursued her psychological education at UCLA and then continued with a combined masters and doctorate from the California School of Professional Psychology. Her educational program emphasized  in-depth individual therapy, goal oriented coaching for individuals and groups, psychological analysis of systems and interrelated relationships, as well as family and workplace dynamics. Additionally, Dr. Shuman’s doctoral work provided an in depth analysis of the psychological attributes and dysfunctions of professional work teams.

Dr. Shuman also obtained two years of specialty training in assessment involving personality, intelligence, and aptitude evaluations. She continued her training at the Saturday Center for Psychotherapy in Los Angeles, California, known to be an immersive and intensive program specializing in facilitating deep long-lasting behavioral change in individuals and groups.  Dr. Shuman completed her residency at Renfrew Treatment Center in Coconut Creek, Florida where she received specialized experience working with groups, families and individuals dealing with eating disorders and substance abuse.

Dr. Shuman is an active member of the American Psychological Association, the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, The Florida Psychological Association and the OD Network. 

As an Executive Coach and Management Team Consultant, Dr. Shuman also currently practices as a licensed psychologist in Florida and California. In addition, she consults as executive coach and consultant with Right Management, Hogan Assessments and CoachSource.  She also serves on the research advisory board of Brandon Hall Group. Dr. Shuman comes to the table with a unique skill set encompassing industry experience, consulting experience as well as clinical experience. This unique perspective and skill set provides an equally unique coaching  or consulting experience for her corporate clients. Dr. Shuman overlays her psychological knowledge and intervention skills with her business acumen to facilitate meaningful growth and change aligned with business goals.  As she also operates as a clinician outside of the corporate environment, she remains cognizant and mindful of the boundaries between therapy and coaching.