Dr. Julie Shuman stands on her Motto.... Business Results From a Unique Perspective. She comes to the table with 24 years of experience in Business Operations, Big 4 Technology Consulting and Clinical Psychology. 


Harvard Certified in Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Doctorate in Psychology with Theory Development in Team Performance

Experience Working with an International Clientele and Doctoral Level Trained in Cultural Awareness

Big 4 Consulting Experience Leading Technology Work Teams

Operations Leadership Roles in the Retail, Technology and Healthcare Industries

Advisory Board Member at Brandon Hall Group

Doctoral Level Specialty Training in Assessment Including Personality, Intelligence and Aptitude Evaluations 

Advanced Certified in Hogan Assessment Suite

Results driven and with a proven track record, Dr. Shuman brings over 20 years of experience to the most complicated coaching and relational challenges. She has a long history of successful endeavors surrounding team performance, conflict resolution and individual coaching across various industries and sectors. These include technology, automotive, healthcare, financial services, retail & manufacturing.

Dr. Shuman offers a unique skill set, combining industry expertise in operations and Big Four consulting experience. Since 2005, Dr. Shuman has practiced as both a corporate and clinical psychologist. Additionally, her doctoral expertise focused on the attributes of effective team dynamics that predict performance. This unique perspective provides an equally unique coaching and consulting experience for her corporate clients. She overlays her psychological knowledge and intervention skills with her business acumen to facilitate meaningful growth and change, aligned with business goals.